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There are a lot of delicious ways to prepare beef. Some can be a little bit tricky, it’s true, but there are just as many easy ways of cooking beef.

This section of Enjoy How To Cook is dedicated to just that – beef recipes that anyone can make!

These recipes are perfect if you’re still learning to cook and aren’t totally comfortable in the kitchen yet. But they’re also great for a more advanced cook. I picked all these recipes because they’re easy and delicious. A simple way to make a great meal!

I’ve split up the recipes into two categories:


Quick Prep Recipes

Ground Beef Recipes

  • Tourtiere is a delicious French Canadian holiday specialty. This meat pie recipe for tourtiere will show you how to make a great Christmas meal.
  • Shepherd’s pie is a nice, warm and comforting meal. And it’s very easy to make! This shepherd’s pie recipe is especially good, with deliciously seasoned meat and garlic mashed potatoes.


Quick Prep And Cooking Recipes

Ground Beef Recipes

  • Picadillo is a delicious Latin American dish made with tomatoes, ground beef and more. Check out this tasty and super easy picadillo recipe.
  • Hamburgers are a great treat all year round, but especially good on the grill in the summer. Check out these hamburger recipes for a delicious meal A simple barbecue hamburger recipe. Just pure beefy goodness. My favorite, the best hamburger recipe. It’s simple, but has a bit more depth to it.

Steak Recipes

  • Flank steak is a wonderfully flavorful but somewhat tough cut of beef. This flank steak recipe helps tenderize the meat with a delicious teriyaki marinade.

Marinade Recipes

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