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Whether it’s authentic, traditional, or good comfort food you’re craving, you have come to the right spot! Here you’ll find delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner, and comfort food recipes your family will love! Simple, Budget-friendly, trusted recipes you will enjoy making. I enjoy sharing flavorful recipes using fresh, quality ingredients. If you’re looking for quick and easy or something a little more traditional and authentic your family will enjoy, Enjoy How to Cook has you covered!

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Hola, I’m Lucy, welcome to Enjoy How to Cook. I was born and raised in Arizona and currently live in Mesa, Arizona, with my husband and our two sons. These three are the best taste testers, fans, and critics of my cooking. I’m a First-generation Mexican-American. I started cooking at a very young age. My mother loved being in the kitchen cooking; that’s where I got my love for the kitchen as well. I remember she would send me to the local market with a grocery list, and off I went on my bike. I loved when summertime came around because no school meant spending time in the kitchen helping my mom. We would cook traditional Mexican food, and the whole neighborhood knew when Margarita was cooking because the aroma that came out of our kitchen was AMAZING!. Everything from Frijoles (beans), Carne con chile (my fave), Tacos, Arroz, the list goes on! Maybe that’s why one of my first jobs was working at a family-owned Mexican restaurant. Although Mexican is what I grew up cooking and eating, I also enjoy cooking, eating, and learning about different cultures, traditions, and foods. I met my husband and learned so much about his family traditions and Puerto Rico’s yummy food. I was in Mexi-Rican (Mexican + Puerto Rican) cooking heaven! I try my best to live a healthy lifestyle, sharing recipes that are healthy and good for you. I also believe in treating yourself, so you will find delicious and flavorful, NOT so healthy recipes as well. As a busy mom, wife, and entrepreneur, it can be difficult and stressful to share home-cooked meals with my family, just as I enjoyed them growing up. The reason for Enjoy How to Cook is to have a place to share my love for home-cooked meals with you all, hoping that you will enjoy them just as I did, growing up and as my family does now. When I’m not helping my husband in our Real Estate and Marketing companies, you will find me cooking up a traditional home-cooked meal. As a Family, we enjoy good food, enjoy working out and lifting weights to stay healthy, and train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as a family to enjoy our cheat day. I Love to travel. A good road trip exploring my beautiful home state is something I genuinely enjoy! Thanks for stopping by! If you have any specific recipes or cooking product reviews you’d like to see on the website, please feel free to contact me here.

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